Formatting requirements

1. Electronic variant of the article should meet the following requirements:
1.1 Recommended volume of the article together with illustrations is 2 pages. Manuscript should be signed by the author (co-authors).
1.2. Article should be typed with the help of Microsoft Word 98-2000, ХР on a sheet of paper (210х297 mm), margin settings: top 20 mm, bottom 20 mm, internal 20 mm, external 20 mm.
2. The main text should be printed in the following way:
2.1. Style “ordinary”, Times New Roman (Сyr) 14, paragraph - 7,5 mm, line spacing - 1.
2.2. Typing procedure:
UDK (Times New Roman (Сyr), block paragraph, left alignment). Title of the article (Times New Roman (Сyr), bold, italics, block paragraph, centre alignment). Initials and surname of the author (co-authors) (Times New Roman (Сyr), bold, italics, block paragraph, centre alignment). Company name, its full post address, e-mail address (Times New Roman (Сyr), italics, block paragraph, centre alignment).
2.3. Inter-paragraph spacing is not used except for article subsections (subsections, subparagraphs etc. They are separated by inter-paragraph spacing «before» –  8, «after» –  8).
3. Microsoft Office embedded equation editor Equation v.3.0 must be used for formula editing. Style: Text – Times New Roman (Сyr), Function – Times New Roman (Сyr), italics, Variable – Times New Roman (Сyr), italics, L.G.Greek – Symbol, italics, Symbol – Symbol, italics, Matryx/Vector – Times New Roman (Сyr), Number – Times New Roman (Сyr). Dimensions: Full – 11, Subscript/Superscript – 8, Sub-Subscript/Superscript – 8,  Symbol – 14, Sub-Symbol – 10. With the aim of visualization, it is recommended to separate formulas by means of inter-paragraph spacing. Formulas are edited in such a way that all of all fit into column of 80 mm.
4. Tables must be complied laconically and concisely. Table name: Times New Roman (Сyr), bold, block paragraph, centre alignment.
5. llustrations must be in XBM (vector format) (BMP, TIF, JPG, GIF, CDR) and added in a separate file. It is forbidden to use graphics editor MS WORD! Illustrations of photo type must be scanned with the resolution not less than 400 dpi or added in the original. Legend: Times New Roman (Сyr), bold, block paragraph, centre alignment. Illustrations signs must be in Arial.
6. References to the literature should be listed in a general list at the end of the paper.
Design example is introduced lower.